Spring Break Sex Stories

Spring Break sex stories and it got nasty

Let’s be sincere: Spring Break always will be nasty. I mean, it’s everything about binge drinking, wearing swimsuits, and being close to lots of people your age. 15 people in a hotel space or 45 individuals in a 10-person beach home close. Spring Break season is upon us, so we resembled, “Wow! Let’s ask girls about their Spring Break stories,” while all of us mourn being stuck in cold City. However of course, babe readers took nasty spring break stories to a whole other level.

Spring Break with Hot GirlsListen, you all don’t need a tropical holiday or a Norwegian cruise. You all require help.


During my high school’s spring break, my friend group was bonding with another random good friend group in their hotel space. I was talking with this adorable, shy kid from my mathematics class, and I resembled, “Hey, can I take your virginity?” He chuckled and said yes. I resembled, “Ok, let’s go.” It wasn’t a joke. We entered into the bathroom, and I took it right there on the toilet! Everybody heard us. Awkward.


I had actually hooked up with my friend’s papa after a Christmas party, and after that I did it again during spring break. Me and this good friend were remaining at a beach house, and he concerned visit then ended up taking me to a motel to make love. Later that week, I got my friend intoxicated and confessed what was going on. She said she already understood, and didn’t really mind since her papa was an asshole.


I was on a college spring break at Beach with my boyfriend and his fraternity brothers. I was pretty wasted one night and we were all just hanging out intoxicated in the hot tub. Being an unpleasant bitch who lives for drama, I decided to stir things up. I said that at midnight, all of us required to run to the ocean and slim dip. I actually got like 10 individuals to run to the beach with me, but when we got there, just me and my partner disrobed. It was actually pretty hot to be naked in front of a lot of individuals. He and I stayed behind after the whole ordeal and had sex on the beach, naturally.


I went on spring break with a big group of my friends my freshman year of college. We had a hot tub at the beach house we were leasing, and like 8 people believed it would be so funny to go in naked on our last day. We wound up playing this weird video game of Truth or Dare that turned sexual truly fast, and a bunch people talked to each other in the jacuzzi, in the lawn, and within later on. It was an odd, like, 8-hour-long orgy.